Awakening! A Story For Neptune In Pisces

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Neptune enters Pisces in early February and I’ve started journaling again. Didn’t plan on it. It just became an extension of a LIST that I was making and I was journaling just now about Pluto leaving my 4th House FINALLY… 2 degrees away from the cusp of my 5th which is a LONG TIME in PLUTO YEARS hell yes but I can taste him moving along and, well, it’s a celebration is what I thought to myself. Any time one of these slow movers changes houses in our chart it’s a rite of passage. If we are still here? We survived.

Are you experiencing a shift like this? Do you feel it? Forget about Jupiter and Saturn for a moment. Look for Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Where are they in your chart? Moving on? Or Moving IN?

And one more thought which was inspired by my particular 4th House transit but has wider ramification: stop sacrificing your needs for the needs of others (which speaks to needing to use Neptune in Pisces energy wisely). What you want matters too. I am talking to myself here as much as I’m talking to you because I just read that very statement in a book and it spoke to me. Actually, it YELLED at me, reminded me that what I want matters. How I feel matters.

Know the feeling? You stick with a situation for so long due to circumstance or obligation or you avoid the issue and then you just continue to not be satisfied and then the DAY COMES WHEN… you allow yourself to imagine change and allow yourself to imagine what you’d prefer.

It’s okay to be happy. It’s okay to be safe. It’s okay to want what you want and to go for it.

See, you can be moving forward in so many ways AND YET you remain stuck. It’s like.. we need to get ALL the wheels moving. Not just one or two. All the wheels. Even a tiny bit. Even if the wheels are creaky as they slowly slowly spin. Spin them anyway.

Outer Planets changing houses can signal this for us, an awakening, and of course it depends on the house and the planet but think about it….

What do you actually sacrifice while you are busy sacrificing for others? You know the answer…


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