Attack Of The Uranus Pluto Monster

Take your time now, relax now, vacay now because everything’s gonna change up, speed up next week.

Over the weekend, Venus is sextile Uranus — new developments in love and money or at least things go smoothly in an interesting (unexpected) way.

On Monday the Sun enters multi-tasky Gemini and the Uranus Pluto square is exact again. Cue soundtrack of the dread.


Or think of it as a dance. A dance to the death. Something’s gotta go. Could be your apartment, your lover, your idea of how things should be, a vague hope you are married to… but not yet. Don’t have that goodbye party just yet!

The story you thought was over and done is not over and done. It won’t be over and done until these two separate so the security you think you’ve got your hands on? Eh. Not yet, babe. Still more towers to fall and babies to be born. Pluto not only rules death but birth. You knew that, right? And the babies, yes, are metaphorical.

Also on Monday, Mercury (following Venus!) is sextile Uranus. Do I like this day? I like this day. Is it intense? Yup! Gemini and Aries keep it delightful and inspiring but that square wants to force your hand. Don’t let it force your hand. Don’t bite that hand either.

Finally, on Friday the 24th the universe is serving up a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, 4 degrees, the last of our three. I feel like this one is THE life-altering, soul-stirring one. This is the end, my beautiful friend sang Jim Morrison, a Sag! He knew. Doesn’t have to be a bad end, but it is change.

We end the month (on the 28th) with a talky flirty Venus Jupiter conjunction in Gemini. This Gemini moment has heart though. Venus and Jupiter together make big your love and desire. And yeah it’s a money transit. You definitely want to find these lovelies in your chart.

On the 31st, Mercury enters Cancer and Mars enters Gemini. I’m giving you all these details so you can get a sense of the rapid pace here.

As for the Two of Pentacles reference? It will be a busy week. A busy two weeks. And then we’ll slide into summer 🙂

Love, MP


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