At The Crossroads: Mercury Conjunct Pluto (Again)

"uranus square sun" It’s okay not to know.
It’s okay to be at the crossroads and not know WHICH WAY.
It’s okay not to know.

Are you okay with this?
I am so happy today. Why am I happy? Because Brother Uranus made his last pass to my Sun.

On Full Moon day in December, Uranus turned direct square my Sun and everything went even more to hell. The square was exact. EVERYTHING changed.

And now? I’ll tell you  more about NOW when the time is right.

What is Uranus? The TRUTH. What is Mercury Pluto? The TRUTH. 

That’s all I’m gonna say for the moment 🙂 that this is a WEEK OF TRUTH MORE TRUTH THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT.

Thanks to everyone who reads and comments and supports and shares and retweets and gives me the honor of being part of your spiritual team 🙂  You are the reason I continue. 


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