Astrology Readings: Email vs. Phone

"lady gaga"

I rarely do phone readings.

I think since I’ve started blogging, I’ve only done two readings by phone.

And before I was blogging, my readings were all in person.

Since the blog though? Email email and more email! And I do love it.

Phone readings are standard though. What normal people do 😉

But I’ve been thinking about diversifying by offering on-the-spot readings (when I’m home that is!).

And the truth is this: I KNOW it will be different than what I would come up with by email. Fewer layers probably. Or maybe I should say “different” layers. Different information. But I’ve gotten curious because I’m obsessed with PROCESS.

I should probably contact my Gemini friend Lupa to help explain Skype to me, tech giant that I am 😉 And get a new Google voice number and then let my schedule be known so we can get started on this. Wouldn’t do these for the Mini-Moons though. Only longer readings.

I also think part of the potential *problem* with phone readings is that some people are REALLY good at talking and I’m REALLY good at listening. We could spend an hour on the phone and you’d be paying for my company more than my astrology. But maybe that’s how it is supposed to be sometimes. YOU should determine your need, not me. Am I supportive? Fuck yeah. I listen, I support, I nurture. And I can talk about your transits too 🙂

For hard core psychic truth and astro, I still feel that email is the best way for me AND YET I reserve the right to change my mind and I’m getting real curious what discoveries will be made by phone for you and for me.

What do you prefer? Email? Phone? In person? 


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