Astrology, Fate, And Kierkegaard

I am going to blog about not blogging. How once upon a time (last year, the year before) I would blog 2, 3, 4, 5 times a day.

Well, these days Saturn (SLOW) is traveling through my 3rd House (writing) and I’m lucky if I can get one post up daily. Some things do inspire  me. When I travel, when I see art, when I feel love but lately, and we are deep into the retrograde, the ideas just fall out my head 🙂

So I asked the gals (and our one guy) on the message board what they’d like me to blog about and our Miss K. brought up the topic of TIMING which truly is an astrological topic.

When will the money come. When will the love come. Will this transit keep the money/man/baby/spiritual awakening/new job away from me and for how long. WHEN WILL THE MISERY END!


A good astrologer CAN pinpoint timeframes for sure but I think Miss K. was after something deeper.


Let’s say you are in love with someone. And the someone is in love with you and you are having mad good transits and they are having mad bad transits and you are pumped and ready and they are busy and in crisis. Then what?

Miss K. asks: how much of fate is determined by our readiness vs. Saturn or other transits that will limit expression or that will stop time and desire in its tracks.

My feeling: the guy (or girl) who is busy or in crisis and having shit transits might still be ready, might still choose to move forward or at least… make as many gestures, efforts, as possible to let you know that YES it will happen. And this is the plan and this is the timeframe and this is what he (or she) hopes. Now even with an honest, sincere plan, it could still fall through. And I have seen transits make change… impossible. For the moment.

Another choice comes: do you wait for that snuggly bear who has Saturn on his Venus or square his Venus? And for how long?

And this: do transits determine how ready we are? Or do we exist outside them? How far you can leap outside of… Saturn on your Pluto, for example.

I think it depends. On the person. On the transit. On the situation. And I DO think it is fate. Can you trace it back? Some crazy situation in your life and you… went in the opposite direction thinking it was right and then fate pulled you back, changed things up and here you are in the life you were clearly meant to have despite the twists and turns and protestations and learning curves and nausea and broken bones and hearts and…

Okay. It’s time for a Kierkegaard quote. Don’t you love those moments? There’s this book of his called Works of Love. A friend of mine, quite devout, a philosophy grad student introduced it to me 20 years ago and there was an essay in there that inspired a poem of mine called IT. And I quoted him, paraphrased. The idea was of a woman waiting by the window for her lover to come back and how time was lulling her. Time was coming and going like the lover did.

I don’t have this book anymore but THANK YOU GOOGLE I can quote it here (and this is a great example of Neptune/12th House LOVE by the way). And for a longer passage click here 

“… Out of sympathy for the expectant girl, time undertook, as it were, to do what the faithless one should have done. When the time came, when “he” should come, time came, but “he” did not come; then time went again until the time came when it was the time he should come who did not come. In this way time lulled the expectant girl by coming and going, until she, rocked in this movement, rested in expectancy…”

Kierkegaard, you’re a heartbreaker, but I love you! If you were around today, would you be blogging?

Caution and slight digression of topic: if YOU, dear friend, find yourself WAITING in 12th House Neptune fashion for someone, at the very least, be aware of what you are doing and the pleasure or pain you gain from this. Just be aware.

What are your thoughts on time, timing, and fate? 

Love, MP


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