Astrology And Tarot Go Steady!

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I learned Tarot after I’d been studying Astrology for a while and what I found was that Tarot deepened my Astrology and sharpened my intuition. I pretty much left it behind for a few years although I began getting Tarot readings again this year.

I don’t remember what caused me to pick up the deck again but pick up the deck I have. I may not use the cards for every reading, only if I feel a calling! Or if you do 🙂

And I realized today (and I may change my mind about this but…) I have begun to “read” astrology similarly to the way the best Tarot readers read Tarot. They see the whole and then explain the pieces (if they want to). It’s kind of like working backwards. I have so much Virgo that I will see astrological details but I think this shift represents, for me, a greater getting in touch with my Pisces North Node.And there’s the lesson for you: if you do readings of any kind… follow your North Node! It will show you how to do it best.

Also, the email readings really fit Tarot for me because as I write in my Contact Me page, there is something about the writing for me, the typing, literally, that just… connects to not only my brain but… whatever else I have. A Mercury thing I guess. Or a Uranus thing (which is the higher octave of Mercury).

And along these lines, I’d been in communication with a gal who wanted a reading but wanted to make sure that I wasn’t going to give her “cookbook” interpretations. I reassured her that I suck at that, and I do! 🙂 Not saying I’m a total rebel and I don’t disregard the rules, but I do think for myself and treat each chart… with respect. Even if there are only a handful of problems in the world, you are you, special.

There’s something about Tarot that’s so immediate, gets to the soul of the situation.

What do you think? Do you like Tarot too?

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