Astrological Insights (and the North Node in Pisces is about Trust)

Insight. Where does it come from? I often use my own chart and my own experience as a jumping off point when I write. Or the charts of people I know well. I always hope others can relate, to my chart, to my… issues, even if they aren’t exactly the same. North Node in Pisces wants to help 🙂 I wrote a lot about Venus-Saturn for example when I wrote for Elsa’s blog. My Venus Saturn square is wide, but I feel it, I claim it. I live it!

Already I’ve come across a few others here with the lovely Moon Pluto conjunction and/or Venus in the 12th House. Neither of these aspects could be considered easy. File them under: context, please. But even if the rest of your chart is stellarsupertrineland, you’ve got some work to do when the Moon is married to the Death Card.

All charts come to us, to the individual, with problems and solutions embedded. It’s the astrologer’s job (is it?) to help dig it out of the mud. This weekend I’ll be looking at a gal’s chart, locally. I’ve been living with her chart all week, I take it on the train with me because I focus well on the train and I like to walk into a chart, find a chair, sit down. She’s never had a natal reading so we’ll focus on some of that and transits and what’s upcoming. Read the energy pattern in her life now and in the near future. Astrologers (good readers in general) want to be helpful, insightful, not waste time. She’s not in crisis, but she just retired. I don’t know what’s next for her but I have some ideas 🙂

Most of all it’s important to trust the chart and trust your intuition. Really. Trust it. Have faith in it. It’s not about ego but about… yeah, it’s about trust. Another lesson for North Node in Pisces.

Have you been dug out?

Note to self: choose the right shovel

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