Astral Psalm no. 1

"mercury retrograde in sagittarius 2011"
astral psalm no. 1

To the skies! Praise and Thanksgiving

Thank you Sun in Sagittarius for making me free. I shall run with you.

Thank you Moon in… whatever. I feel for you. (Aw poor Moon in Capricorn)

Thank you Mercury Retrograde for making me look back.

Thank you Mars in Virgo for bringing me to the gym on a schedule!

Thank you Venus in Capricorn for your strong arms the better to secure my foundation and to pin down my love 🙂

Thank you Jupiter in Taurus for expanding my beauty. I shall loudly sing your praises.

Thank you Saturn in Libra for the ability to work for it all. I shall earn it.

And Uranus? The Wild One. My 8th House will never be the same again.

Thank you Chiron for conjuncting my 7th House cusp. (Eh, not really)

Thank you Neptune on the way to Pisces. With you I shall dream more and more.

And dear Pluto: Disney character, underworld superhero, may I be not willful, but willing as you transit my 5th, and die trying, die trying.

Your turn!

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