Aries Season: Fire And Earth

When the astrological seasons change, it’s our job to do our homework 🙂

We have begun the shift from Pisces to Aries, with Mars entering the sign of the RAM so it’s time for a refresher:

What is Aries about? What is Mars about?

And if we’re smart we include Libra (and Venus) too because they are the other side of Aries and Mars, yin to the yang!

Something else to ponder, as we explore the pure nature of Aries:

that Venus in Aries exists. And Mars in the 7th House exists. And Libra Rising with Mars in the 1st house exists! And all kinds of wonderful otherwise mutated Aries and Mars exists 🙂

So that’s *your* homework and mine too. Get to know Aries and Mars again.


I’ve been talking about my trip Way Out West and I spoke to my buddy briefly today on the phone. Missed his call while I was sleeping.

And I realized that going to see him is the closest thing I have to going home.

Which sounds strange but also feels true. Because I knew him so long ago. My mother was alive then. And those years… those years actually were pretty good years. I was in full teenage-hood then and stronger than I’d ever been. I went from being an outcast to being proud. I had read No One Here Gets Out Alive 🙂 I was at a new school and made friend with another music obsessed outcast.

And maybe that’s enough. Maybe that’s enough reason to feel the way I do and yet — there is more to this story. I know it. I look forward to blogging from there. Pictures to come 🙂


I’m telling you all this not just because it’s happening to me now but because the New Year, the astrological New Year, is the perfect time to–

Damn. I don’t want to use that phrase “set intentions.” Or talk about “resolutions.” But spring IS a powerful, meaningful renewal for all of us.

What will be your NEW?

What will you DO the day the Sun enters Aries. How will you let go of whatever is holding you back.


I love this quote from one of my “beginner’s” astrology books:

“Aries, the Ram, meets obstacles head-on, overcomes them, and moves on to explore new horizons. It is the sign of challenge and conquest. Arieans base their actions on their strong intuitive sense and belief in themselves.”

That’s what I wish for all of us 🙂 as we finish out our time in the Pisces prison 😉 and we end this cycle and begin the next.


One card for your Aries Season journey: King of Pentacles. Is this you? Is this your guide?

All the Tarot kings are associated with FIRE so this king is fire and earth. Inspiration and manifestation.

This King is more stable perhaps than what we’d expect for Aries but I love it — because he is stable, his kingdom is stable, as he faces the changes, he doesn’t get… fucked up lol. He stays strong, secure and like spring itself, he’s covered in life, all the way up to the red flowers on his crown.

It is time to use your magic, my friends.

If you don’t know what it is or where to find it or how to use it, that’s my… general suggestion to you who read here —  if you are searching for where to focus your gaze.



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