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"new moon in taurus"

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It is spring in the Big City and I feel like the New Moon in Taurus this weekend kicks off the summer energy.

Yesterday I wrote that this summer would change us all and I believe it is true. People’s lives are moving even if they are standing still – the clients querents that I’m working with are taking their lives in hand.


Under the Big Top!

Get ready to say goodbye to Aries, the Sun in Aries that is.

Mercury still needs to traverse the entire sign due to his earlier retrograde so the house(s) where Aries is active in your chart are still important. Those areas of life are still talking to you.

For me it’s my 8th House, Chiron and Ceres are there, not conjunct and I feel full of 8th House, as though I’ve eaten some huge meal and can’t move.

Speaking of moving, Pluto and the 8th House are like… the furniture movers of the Underworld, they move your decayed nasty sofa from the moldy basement to the first floor and you sit on it and go EW and then decide whether you gonna cling to this nasty or you gonna toss it out and mop the floor.


And speaking of Aries, the Moon is in Aries all day. Well, the Moon is still Void of Course now in Pisces but enters Aries a little before noon Big City time.

A note about Aries, if you have them in your life: you better love them a lot, wanna be with them a lot because their theme song truly is MY WAY. I want what I want when I want it is what my Aries friend said to me.

The art of finessing an Aries is a topic for another day perhaps but I was recently confronted with an Aries moment. An Aries Moon telling me something that rubbed me the wrong way and I took the wrong approach. I shoulda been Libra in my response. The ideal of Libra that is: gentle, cooperative, sweet, eyelash batting, and let the Aries believe they were going to get what they wanted until I figured out what I wanted.


Thinking about how I rarely write about the art of finessing anyone. I’m not a manipulative person, my mind doesn’t make those kinds of curlicues, and when faced with it, I always do a doubletake because it’s not my nature. I simply don’t get it.

My astrology teacher though once mentioned that Scorpios manipulate for power and Cancers manipulate for love. Agree?


Later today: the Moon in Aries will conjunct Mercury (feelings and thoughts marry intensely) and then conjunct Uranus (erratic emotions, hold steady or hold on) so everything that I’ve written above goes double, trouble. Not the manipulation stuff, but the energy of Aries in your life today so please revisit your chart and your Aries House because that’s where it’s hot and fast and bright!

I’ll be with my best friend at the doctor today. He’s having some tests done and I’m there to hang out, wait, support. Life will be back to normal for me on Thursday, back to finish readings in progress and to schedule new ones.

And since I’ll be waiting around, feel free to comment here or tweet on Twitter πŸ™‚


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