Are You Waiting? What Are You Waiting For? Saturn In Transit

"saturn in libra"

I can feel life slow down. And I can feel life speed up. And over the last day or so I felt this shift and today while waiting for my train I became conscious of my Life in the Big City. Do you know that feeling? You become aware of… wherever you are and your small place in the world.

There was a musician playing the cello and singing — it was really sweet music and I remembered the first time I became conscious of my life. I was 12. Saturn was in Libra then too. It sucked.

Finally. On the train. A woman spills her gigantic coffee drink on the floor and it makes a pretty spill pattern.

Saturn is our Reality Check, like the girl with her spilled drink. She could pretend she still had a full cup but that wouldn’t get her anywhere. It wouldn’t quench her thirst or increase her energy.

As I often say here, something I learned from a therapist 15 years ago: Accepting reality is not the same as judging it good.

But do this, remember this, and you have a greater chance of staying sane no matter what you go through.

And I never was one of these people who goes around in pollyanna-denial singing the praises of their brutal transits… but I’ve also realized that everyone is different. Person A may very well experience their cancer diagnosis (God forbid) with a good attitude. I’ve seen it. I know a woman cured of cancer who the whole time she was in treatment kept reassuring everyone that she didn’t have it so bad.

Was this denial? Or the truth? Reality? Her natal Jupiter in the 1st House reality, by the way.

The house that Saturn is transiting for you now is where you really um should face reality. And think about that figure of speech. To face it. Turn towards it. With your body. Make it physical. Do the work. Identify and define the problem. Do the work.

Saturn opposes Jupiter in the sky now so really the more we move towards what is real… the greater the chance we have of… a life that is not only ours, authentically ours, but… possibly… one filled with… the stuff that makes you more than merely content. Joy-stuff. Awe-stuff.

Saturn goes retrograde in February and your time to learn the lessons of the house he’s in are limited, so…


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