Are You Stuck? The Six Of Swords: FLOW BETTER

All or nothing all or nothing all or nothing.


One thing I love about Virgos: they want to DO BETTER. This can morph into a bottomless pit of self-loathing, yes, but once they get that out of their system (due to transits or other calamity), they rise.

I have a mid-degree Cancer Sun (and Mercury and Mars in the later degrees) and my Moon in Virgo.

I am ALREADY being squared by Uranus and opposed by Pluto. Not exact but applying. IN ORB. How will this manifest? I’ve got my ideas. I haven’t consulted any of my “textbooks” about this in a while but…

Wait. A story.

The other day I was getting in a Virgo Moon snit. Annoyed. Which is another word for Virgo Moon.

Virgo Moons can be as crabby as Cancer Suns and I am both BUT I had a shocking (Uranus) change (Pluto) happen in the midst of an almost-snit.

I was looking square in the eye of my annoyance and suddenly… shifted my perspective point of view.

See, I saw that dirty coffee cup left on the counter (no big deal in anyone’s universe), just waiting for me to put it in the sink and I thought to myself:

Well, self, there may come a day far too soon when you are WISHING he’d be leaving that dirty coffee cup on your counter (i.e. we can lose our loved ones at any time, no guarantees) so please do love that “so-called” mess because in the blink of an eye things change. You think they don’t? You know they do. What we share with others is precious. JUPITER IN CANCER THIS IS THE SEASON OF BIG LOVE HONEY BUNNY.

Not that my Mercury Mars in Cancer square JUPITER Β hasn’t been activated since then, but I’m working on it πŸ™‚ Moon Pluto people can be tyrants at home. Moon =home. Pluto = seeks control. Working on that too. And then sometimes it’s time to quit working and just relax.

I’m shooting for the 6 of Swords, leave behind that Virgo South Node and FLOW BETTER

What transits are you under?Β 

Love, MP


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