Are You Struggling With Entities?

"moon in the 8th house"

I was chatting with a friend this morning who has been dealing with an acute, violent health problem.

She seems to be on the mend but it could recur. And I think we’ve pinpointed that these episodes have been a product of Saturn in Libra and thus whatever Saturn in Libra is doing to her chart.

Saturn in Libra = integrity in relationships.

Now she does have a natal 6th House Neptune which will be hard to diagnose stuff and when I started inquiring about her condition this morning, I was planning to visit her transit chart but was not planning to blame it on spiritual or psychological matters, not at all.

But then SHE mentioned a psychological detail and that, I felt, gave me permission to hop on the Metaphysical Train. So I did.

I am going to do a meditation and visualization for her later today, to strengthen her aura and strengthen her home which really means strengthen her BOUNDARIES.

Transiting Mars in Virgo has been conjunct her Pluto Uranus (an aspect of hard sudden intensity) as well as squaring her 8th House Moon in Sagittarius (this feels to me like an aspect of porous boundaries i.e. a weak or “holey” aura) AND opposing her Saturn Chiron in Pisces.

AND transiting Saturn is in her 6th.

Sun in Gemini makes it a Grand Cross.

I think she may be hosting, if you know what I mean, and I am by no means an expert but found myself offering to help clear her. Actually at first I suggested: find someone to clear the house and to clear you and then I thought HEY wait a minute. I’ll do it.


Now such configurations are NO guarantee of health “problems” but that’s how it is working out for this young lady at this time.

8th House Moons are no joke, people! You either live and consciously express that Pluto energy or you repress it, and if you don’t live it? You may have unwelcome guests visiting you, whether they are spirits or flesh and blood beings or situations.

So that’s on today’s menu when I come back home, work on smoothing out my friends aura, strengthening it. I am getting an image in my mind of silly putty stretching out but also tarp that can be nailed down. This lady has a very mutable chart. She needs that fixity!

And I told her: imagine golden light pouring front the heavens into your skull, pouring down down down, and it’s pushing out the grey stuff, out through your feet, and the grey unhealthy stuff gets transmuted as it reaches the air and it can no longer harm you or anyone and a circuit is created.

Are you clear? 

Love, MP

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