Are You Saturn? Or Are You Neptune?

"saturn and neptune"
The Ranban

In Jewish culture, Jewish Orthodox culture, to give someone mussar is… kinda like a slap on the hand. Say, you did something wrong and an elder, an authority figure, corrects you. And yes this often refers to spiritual matters but colloquially speaking one can say “She gave him mussar” when he forgot to call. Sound Saturnian to you?

Mysticism, on the other hand, is like Jupiter or Neptune: mind-expanding and ideal, the way things should be. The way it is Up There but reflected down here. As above, so below.

My point is that I felt like talking about how we need these two forces in our lives. That we need discipline, structure, correction. We need to know The Way. And we also need spirit, creativity, the world of dreams.

On which side do you usually find yourself? Do you restrict or do you expand? Do you limit or do you soar? And which do you value? Which do you prefer?

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