Are You Ready For Mars In Virgo?

Me: Honey? 

Him: What?

Me: I think I might be… happy. 

And yes, this feeling is… that unfamiliar.

And again I re-commit myself to mindfulness because life can change in an instant.

Is this wisdom? Or worry? A little of both maybe. And VERY VIRGO. A little doomsday with your chicken soup 😉

Life is… daily life. The 6th House, Virgo-ruled. Routine. Change counting. Shoes that pinch sometimes. Trips to the bodega. Kisses. Dinner out on Canadian Thanksgiving. Nagging him for smoking too much. Chilly weather. Waiting for the bus. Life, daily life.

What about Mars in Virgo, MoonPluto?

Mars in Virgo wants to do the right thing.

Mars in Virgo wants to do EVERYTHING right.

What is YOUR right thing? 

Love, MP


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