Are You More Jealous Than A Scorpio?

"Hurricane Irene"
Jeff Buckley was Sun in Scorpio

When things are good, I like writing about my relationship. When things are tense, I like writing about my relationship. I especially like to write about jealousy, and the other night, on the phone, having fun, I started to probe. Now I’m no Scorpio, but a Moon Pluto conjunction in the 1st House likes to dig, and dig she does. I went through a partial-list. Am I better or worse than a Taurus? Am I better or worse than a Scorpio? What was I talking about? My drama, my jealousy, my possessiveness, my need to know.

And you know what? I can’t remember what he said. Hmm. Did he say I was worse? Hmm. It was same or worse. It wasn’t better.

How do detatched people feel? I mean, what does it feel like? Do you *not* feel like you are being stabbed in the heart when your lover accidentally shares with you a detail from his past relationships? I have Mercury in Cancer. Whatever you say or do will stay in my mind forever and I don’t want those images in my head: images of other women sharing his kitchen, his body, his bed, his sweetness, his sympathy, his mouth. Any of it. Mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine. Now.

Dear readers, fellow stargazers, I’m not exaggerating. This is how I feel and yet, believe it or not, I think I’ve gotten better over the months. What I mean is that… I’m finally beginning to trust. Trust what? It’s a fascinating process, says Virgo Moon, ignoring the question.

Nothing is more important to me than this relationship, and my sanity in this relationship, and that we…come together. Now, you dirty minds, I don’t mean it that way. I mean it in the other way. And I’ll leave it up to you, dear readers, to figure that out.

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