Are You Moon-Obsessed???

"full moon in aries 2011"
Waiting for your ship to come in?

I am!  Moon + Pluto (conjunction) = obsessed with the Moon and all the Moon means. But enough about me. What about you?

The paint ain’t even dry yet on the New Moon in Libra and already I’m thinking hmm hmm hmm what’s next move forward move forward move forward.

The New and Full Moons work in pairs, as you probably know. New Moon in Libra of course means Full Moon in Aries although the degrees differ. And sure, one or the other may be more sensitive to your chart.

I do hope/plan to run a “special” for the Full Moon in Aries (and possibly a special in-between, a Moon Mid-Cycle Mini-Reading even though that sounds like a Tampon commercial).

New Moons are different than Full Moons as you could expect, not just what’s happening sky-wards, but of course the meaning, metaphors.  The New begins and the Full often ends or brings light to situations, even answers.

As I sit here typing, the New Moon (in general) is reminding me of the 3 of Wands in the Tarot, in the Rider-Waite deck, the dude looking off into the distance,  a bit of long-view, some scenery, what’s coming in. He stands firm, tall, optimistic! He’s waiting but he ain’t crying. And look at those groovy red robes! Red for Aries 😉

And then the Full Moon? More emotional and yet more results-oriented, more news, revelation. What happened.

And they both have their place in our lives and we take our place in these cycles. Moon-obsessed!

So a Full Moon in Aries may really usher in something FAST because Aries is fast, a fast end to a situation, fast relief. All is revealed. Cards on the table. What you need to do. What is.  Another image: a book slamming shut. End of story, done!

But fear not the Moon,  people! This is your life.  BE in it, okay?

A Full Moon brings us a Sun-Moon opposition which is partly responsible for the emotionality of the day: it’s like your grown-up self and your inner-child, baby-self are at odds. You want, you need, and momma/papa says NO! Don’t run into the street! Think of folks in your life who were born at a Full Moon. Do you notice this in them? Do you notice their very very personal (natal sun and moon) balancing act? Who they are vs how they feel? For example, a Cancer Sun MUST emote and let it all out and yet a Capricorn Sun MUST reserve and conserve emotion, duty-bound.

I’m not feeling too heavy about this upcoming Full Moon, by the way. A trine to Mars in Leo provides some supportive energy and enthusiasm. I see a (metal) triangle on fire in my mind but it doesn’t burn; it glows, provides warmth and strength. The energy moves up and around the three points. There is harmony.

Saturn, for me, is a bit past a juicy opposition. I mean, I would likely still pull him in, depending on an individual chart, but my point is that this Full Moon in Aries doesn’t feel achingly aching to me. It’s a bit free, a bit pure, missing the exact aspects. Not acting alone but… kinda unfettered. As if the 10 of Wands dude put his burdens down. And I think all this Wands that I’m feeling is Mars in Leo, fire, trining the Full Moon in Aries. I also see it flying around the Zodiac at a Marsy rapid pace. Whatever happens? Whoosh whoosh whoosh. Samurai sword cut cut cut! The Full Moon in Aries is your soul on fire but like my metal triangle image it doesn’t burn; it shines a light.

Here’s a thought: visualize for this Full Moon in Aries The Answer to… putting down your burdens. That that is your revelation, your news. And that it will have to do with YOU, your independence, your needs, your soul. You’ll have to see-saw with your partner (Libra) but your needs ARE important too. Moon in Aries is selfish 😉 Not a judgement but a fact. Aries = me first!

I know this has been a long post. I hope you got through it 🙂 And I hope Libra Season ain’t hittin’ you in the head (Aries) too much. If you feel down and out? Don’t isolate. Libra Season wants you to have company over, and handling all stress and situations with… grace, wit, and tact.

Let us be Libra!

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