Are You Looking For Love? Venus Opposes Mars This Weekend

"venus square saturn"
are you in love?

News from MoonPlutoLand: 

I’ve got a new blog in the works! On a bigger site than my own 🙂
I will be focusing primarily on Tarot and intuition and my usual dash of poetry and New York story.
Details about that next week, and I’ll also be putting the links here so you can find me 🙂

Here’s a theory.
That if we pay attention, if we do the work, if we learn the lesson of a particular transit, then we’re done.
Even if the transit is ongoing, it can’t hurt us anymore.
It can’t hurtle us towards death anymore (metaphorically speaking).
We detonate it.

How’s that for a goal?
Are you going through a nasty transit that you wish were OVER ALREADY? 
Is there something you still need to understand about it?
My guess is yes.
And I am wondering the same thing about myself. I don’t want to jinx myself and say OH YES I HAVE GOTTEN TO THE ROOT OF MY MARS CHIRON OPPOSITION (by transit) but I know I haven’t been sleeping.
I’m not rolling around in my own doody.
I’m working on it working on it working on it.
Are you?

I think Moon in Virgo is sexy! Moon in Virgo pride, y’all 🙂
So what if we’re a little on the surgically precise side about… everything!
You can depend on us 🙂 and THAT is sexy to me.
Moon in Virgo on Friday making juicy aspects: trine Pluto, sextile Jupiter, opposing Chiron, trine Sun, sextile Saturn. You’ll find love while at work or at the health food store. OR AT STAPLES HMMM YUMMY OFFICE SUPPLIES!

Moon enters lovely Libra early afternoon in the Big City. Nice trine to Mercury in Gemini (feelings and thoughts in sync) BUT the Sun in Taurus opposes Saturn in Scorpio. This is a bummer transit. Try as you might it’s hard to shine a light this day. Hard to pin down the source of frustration until you remember this transit is happening! So please remember this transit is happening and don’t take the somber personally. Where will you find love? At your therapist’s office 😉

Frustration alert! Venus opposes Mars. Mercury is square Neptune. Moon in Libra up to no good. This day was made for button pushing. Spend the day at the movies! Mercury square Neptune is an illusion, Venus and Mars make drama, and Libra Moon favors cooperation. Ask your Beloved what he/she wants to see and off you go! And if you don’t have a Beloved then there could be a golden tub of popcorn in your future, my turtle doves.

I’m not saying LOVE is impossible this weekend but I am saying this weekend was made for work.
And maybe a tear or two.
But tears are good!
Repeat after me: tears are good! Cleansing, healing.
Problem is this weekend’s tears feel more like frustration than cleansing healing so… deep breath.
And then one more.
And enjoy the show 🙂

Love, MP

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