Are You Living Your Ideal? Neptune Retrograde In Pisces

"neptune in pisces retrograde"

Neptune went retrograde on Monday, which was Eclipse Day.

And if Neptune, on a bad day represents our confusion, then what does Neptune Rx represent? More confusion? The dream inside the dream is another way to look at it.

Edgar Cayce talked about Ideals, having an Ideal, a spiritual ideal. Something to shoot for 🙂

I’m a little out of practice with my Cayce quotes but it’s like this: if you don’t have an Ideal, then you have no structure, no aim, nothing to measure your life by. And it’s not supposed to make you feel hopeless or like a failure if you don’t get there. You try but you keep that Ideal close.

So… are you living your ideal… life? Do you want to fix it? Mars is direct in Virgo. This is energy for fixing.

Neptune is retrograde. Venus is retrograde. Saturn is retrograde. Pluto too.

Imagine what you most want. Can your see it in your mind? What sounds are there? How does it feel? In some ways my life is becoming more my Ideal. In other ways, I still have fixing to do and perfection isn’t the point but getting closer to my version of heaven.


Here’s your homework. Find transiting Neptune in your natal chart. What house is he in. What is he aspecting. I know you’ve done this countless times but do it again. Please.

Because it is THERE that you are  being called to create or imagine or BELIEVE IN or discover that your Ideal is possible. Maybe not all at once. Maybe just a piece. Maybe just a feeling. But something.

And THEN find your natal Neptune. Because your natal Neptune shows the HOW.

My natal Neptune is in my 3rd House. I will write my way to my Ideal. Transiting Neptune is on my North Node, conjunct my descendent. And I’m not even going to comment on that at the moment.


Love Love Love, MP

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