Are You Having a Saturn-Pluto Transit? Read This Post!

"sun square pluto"

Damn this winter.

Just couldn’t get it up for the gym today. Felt like my limbs were filled with cement. I plodded along for 45 minutes, trying to unearth my energy.

Walking home I called up a friend and somehow got on the topic of massage, getting massages, and how he doesn’t like them and he even mentioned, admitted that it had to do with massage (or bodywork in general) bringing up your stuff, bringing your stuff to the surface. My friend has a lot of stuff.  I do too BUT I like massage for that very reason.

And I said to him: see? That’s exactly WHY. You get the massage to bring the stuff up so you can then heal… and move on.

I related this massage-aversion to a particular aspect in his chart: Sun square Pluto because Pluto rules mines and mining and the Sun is who you are (including your body!) and he’s got the Sun in an earthy house and hells bells just let those memories and traumas stay tucked away in that box among the stack of dusty boxes! This man (Sun) don’t wanna dig (Pluto).

But the thing is this, my friends: the memories and traumas DON’T stay tucked away and that is part of Pluto’s function. This shit will come out sooner or later. Why not have a say in it. Why not empower the body and allow it to begin to heal itself.

With the right support and structure (Saturn) I believe it is possible. When you have people in your life that won’t leave you no matter how ugly (Saturn) you think you are… almost anything becomes possible. Even getting a massage.

I don’t judge my friend. He can only do what makes him comfortable. AND YET (says my Virgo Moon) there is sometimes a price to pay for comfort. I want to see him free and happy… not always running. 

Pluto rules regeneration. Pluto rules restoration. Pluto rules reincarnation. I believe it will happen for my friend. I believe it is happening now. But as my teacher used to say, will you go kicking and screaming, or…

In other news: I just did a Mini-Reading for someone and thought to myself: my readings are like fortune cookies. Tasty, a little sweet, and ya never know what you’re gonna get 😉


Yes, I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the Full Moon in Leo (which are kinda like mini-transit readings). Look here for Astrology stuff and here for Tarot stuff and don’t forget the Testimony!

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