Are You Having A Chiron Transit?

The free bird leaps
on the back of the wind

and floats downstream
till the current ends
and dips his wings
in the orange sun rays
and dares to claim the sky.”
-Maya Angelou


I know some astrologers poo-poo Chiron.

They are Sun to Pluto people and that’s it.


I was born on a Chiron STATION.

Did you know that if you were born on a station, that planet/asteroid assumes a mighty mighty importance in your life. No escape.

For me that is Chiron. IN MY EIGHT HOUSE, BITCHES. (Avoid 8th House at your own risk.)

Thus, Chiron is no joke for me.

And Chiron in SYNASTRY is no joke. I’ve lived this.
Mars Chiron synastry in hard aspect can be prickly tearstained painful. Leave your love and light at the door.
Mars Chiron relationships are for sexual healing bonding.
But to sexually heal you have to…  Take Off Your Clothes.
Yes “clothes” is a metaphor here. Few want to do such deep work.
So much easier to shut the door.

So I had my eyebrows done yesterday.
This is also a Chiron story.
And it was, oddly enough, deeply relaxing.
Brows by Angelica who had what I call “porno hair” (see picture above).
In either case, I contemplated getting myself a similar doo.

Venus is at 10 degrees Pisces today.
Venus will trine Jupiter this week and sextile Pluto AND conjoin CHIRON!
Your beauty rituals are healing you 🙂

A gal in the chatroom talking about Chiron square her Mercury and Chiron doesn’t just present a “difficulty.”
Chiron hurts.
Chiron bruises.
Chiron is transiting her 7th (relationships) and I can’t help but remember that she too has a natal 8th House Chiron.

What to do with such a transit? Eyebrow waxing is not enough 🙂

Despite her fear, she must not allow herself to be silenced.

She must sing.

Are you having a Chiron transit? 

Love, MP


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