Are You Happy At Work?

"moon pluto conjunction"

If not, then look at the placement of your natal Pluto – the house and the aspects and consider how to appease this Pluto.

I was thinking about this on the subway today. How I have a lot of “service” in my chart i.e. that I am to be *of* service — lots of Virgo, North Node in Pisces in the 6th, Cancer stellium — a fair amount of doing for others.

But when I had work that didn’t use my Moon Pluto conjunction concretely, I suffered. I NEEDED to engage this Pluto profoundly. Pluto IS profound. It’s our depth. It’s our experience. It’s our survival.

And when I say happy I don’t really identify *happy* with leaping for joy although that is an option I suppose (says my Virgo Moon) but really I mean a feeling of being where you are supposed to be and that you’ve gotten somewhere in your day. And that you have no regrets. You’ve made meaning.

And you?


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