Are You Feeling Inspired? Mars In The 12th House

"mars in the 12th house" So I was looking for a blog topic this evening and I put out an open call to the chat room and one gal said SEX to which I replied: anything in particular?

Mars is transiting my 12th, she said, thus a topic was hard to find. The 12th House tends to hide.

But it got me thinking anyway, which was what I wanted.

And I started thinking about INSPIRATION. How easy is it for you to find your Muse?

Unless I’m tired, and sometimes even then, there’s usually something that delights me, words in my head. Walking gets my mind going in a good direction. So does taking the subway. I love love love to write and edit on the train.

What rules inspiration in astrology? Well my first thought is Neptune. But then I’m sure some would argue for Uranus. Or even Mercury. Mercury rules the breath.

But let’s go with Neptune for a moment. Mars through the 12th is DYNAMIC (Marsy!) inspiration. Neptune rules this house! But the inspiration may be beyond words. Beyond “ordinary” words. It’s feelings, intuition, knowing.

So my little friend perhaps couldn’t TELL me the topic but she could have danced it or painted it or sung it or expressed it creatively in some mystical soulful inspired way.

Are you feeling inspired? 

Love MP

P.S. I have a feeling many wonderful writers had their Mercury in the 12th…

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