Are You Afraid To Die? Afraid To Live?

"full moon in sagittarius" I was going to put this blog post elsewhere but decided it might be a better fit here πŸ™‚

A couple cards for your week, my lovelies:

a card for those with the fear of dying
a card for those with the fear of living

When you get a Tarot (or astrology) reading, you can ask anything at all. I consider ALL the questions The Big Questions and I get everything fired at me (and I like that): love, work, money, family, transition, love, death, love, death, transition, money…


Those with the fear of dying need to know the Three of Pentacles.

When I first met this card, I learned it was a card of “finishing touches.” The final stamp or last brushstroke on a project.

I must mention here that BOTH the cards I pulled are Pentacles cards: the suit of earth, the suit of what is real. It’s not in your head. It’s more than a feeling. The evidence is in front of you. You can touch it. The body. Money. Material. Things. The desk I’m sitting at. The computer I’m typing on. That I drew two Pentacles cards fascinates me because Wands (the suit representing the Spirit) would make sense here. But I didn’t choose the cards, so to speak. They chose us!

Those who fear death need remember that they are not alone. The number three, of course, symbolizes trinity. You’ve got company for your journey. Teamwork! Also about the three: it is EARLY in the deck. Death is not the end. It just seems that way sometimes, especially to those of us left behind. And yet it absolutely is a finishing touch FOR THE MOMENT. Do you believe in past lives and reincarnation? I do.

I think, also, this card is telling us that you’ll be busy “on the other side,” that your work won’t be done at all. (Good news for the Virgos reading this.) You’ll have what to do. You may have a boss in the afterlife πŸ˜‰ You likely will have more shelter there, more security, than you do here on earth school. And you’ll be helping put those finishing touches on for others. The least you need to know: no fear.Β 

For those who fear life we see the Six of Pentacles and the version of the card that I’m looking at departs from the Rider Waite version which shows a rich man giving to two grateful hungry beggars. There is also a scale in the Rider Waite card, emphasizing the idea of balance and justice — the question of whether it exists at all in that have/have-not relationship. In this version of the card though, we see what looks like a small group of people milling about, the six coins floating above their heads. They don’t look at each other and appear to be going in different directions. Why are they trapped here?

If you, dear reader, are afraid to live, here is the advice from this Six: sharing what you have will bring peace to your world. I wonder if you’ve noticed this in your life, that those with this particular fear tend to hoard. Do you agree? The more fear, the more possessiveness. Share your wealth. It doesn’t have to be dollars. You can share your love, your patience, your experience.

What cards are you seeing? Best wishes for a good week!

Love, MP

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