Aquarius Season Your Emotional Rescue

Sometimes there are no words. And sometimes there are.

Some transits can really knock you out.

I was thinking of Uranus as a hammer the other day. That your life is a puzzle made of fragile pieces and Uranus comes to smash it. Ruckus, chaos, change.

Again, the image of the Tower card. Or is it the Fool card. Which will you choose and do you have a choice.

Are you under the hammer these days? 

On my personal Facebook page, I’m friends with a lady I knew more than 10 years ago. She worked the front desk. I was an editor. A lousy editor 🙂 I loved her. I was in the process of becoming religious then (Orthodox Jewish) and she already was (Baptist, I think). And her status updates are these little poem-prayers to her Savior, straight from the heart. Pure. A little bit of 12th House, a little bit of 9th is how I would describe her style 🙂

This is part of what she posted on my Timeline this morning:

“… just enjoy the beauty that is in it. Here we are about to get rain, and wind, and then the cold will come. But you know I am so blessed to feel the rain and the wind and the cold, and enjoy the peace of renewing my thoughts for today. Change of the weather often brings new ideas, new mediations for the day, blessings…” 

As I was saying this morning, all this Venus in Capricorn business has been knocking people around. Moon was in Aquarius too and that was cold, rough and tough, and then Moon in Pisces brought the tide in, the tears, and then Moon in Aries sped up the pain but can also speed up the healing. I think the mega-Capricorn energy too was/is bringing home more truth and more consequences than we care to deal with.

It WILL get better.

Aquarius Season… dare I say it… will SAVE us.  A little more detached. A little more hopeful. A little more friendly.

You who believe you are nothing, you are wrong.

That is all 🙂

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