Aquarius Season: One Banana, Two Banana

Our first meditation class is underway this morning (you can still join if you want) and I was going through my papers and I found this quote from Pascal:

“All man’s miseries derive from not being able to sit quietly in a room alone.” 

Can you do that? Sit quietly in a room alone? Turn your phone off. Get away from the computer. Get away from the chatter of others. The entertainment feed.

How easy is it? Not so easy. I am *very* attached to my phone (which is an old crappy Android but still I’m attached!).

It’s a beautiful day for thinking 🙂

Some aspects that are strong right now:

Sun conjunct Mercury in Aquarius

Sun sextile Uranus in Aries

Mercury trine Jupiter

Mercury sextile Uranus

Jupiter sextile Uranus

None of these are exact. They are “applying.”

I am listing them so you can see that the energy we have available to us is positive (sextile/trine) and yang (air/fire) and thinky (air/fire) and inspired (air/fire) and they concern your thoughts and communications (Mercury).

You simply cannot get stuck in the mud today. If you do, then you’re doing it wrong 😉

Even Jupiter squaring Chiron is an opportunity to get well and to help others in the process.

If you do find yourself with a bad case of monkey mind and inner chatter, which can happen on air/fire days, don’t try to fight it. Fighting it makes the monkeys dance faster.

My advice is not to starve the monkey but not to gorge the monkey.

Monkey moderation. One banana? Two? And then go for a brisk walk 🙂 Nothing like walking to soothe the soul, the feet, the breath, the brain.

Happy Tuesday!