Aquarius Girl Has North Node In Pisces

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She’s a young woman, pre-Saturn Return. Young but not un-wise.

And one of the most interesting things about her chart to me: NO WATER!

But North Node in Pisces 🙂 And, oh yes, how could I forget? Chiron in Cancer.

So that’s one question here:

how does the Air and Fire AND Earth girl learn to swim?



And I’m not saying she doesn’t feel – but there’s a big difference between Aquarius/Aries feel and PISCES feel.

One way I understand Pisces North Node: trusting instincts. Less second-guessing and worst-case scenarios. More understanding and knowledge based on “just because” — and less desire for evidence or “logic.”

You get to the point where you KNOW and everyone else — with their schemes and rationales — just feels ridiculous to you. Because you KNOW. You just know. You can’t even pick it apart. And you don’t have to. You just know.

Chiron trines her North Node. So she’s got to get in touch with some pretty deep stuff FIRST.

It’s painful at times, but immerse she must. Dunk she must. Baptism.

She’s got to follow that Chiron, which is conjunct her MidHeaven (career point). Maybe there’s a family business. Maybe she will find herself entangled. Maybe she will break free. Maybe they will disapprove. Maybe. Aquarius got to do what Aquarius got to do! But Libra Rising? Libra Rising is one step ahead, wondering what you/they will think about it all.

Ways to get to water when you are land-locked:  by foot. By car. By plane. By imagination. How will she get there? I believe she will. I picture her at a crossroads but this crossroads isn’t here yet. The (first) crossroads will truly be when Saturn hits Capricorn and her Capricorn stellium in her 4th House (Cancer’s natural House) and she can no longer deny her… heart’s desire.

Uranus is in her 7th House now. Pluto in her 4th. Mars in her 1st. And Jupiter waving the flag way up high in her 10th: what is she going to DO? What does she have to show the world?

Well, (and I think I wrote this before, in my first post to her) I don’t think she needs to decide NOW despite the pressure, but the time is coming 🙂 It’s a process — says Virgo South Node — and Virgo South Node always worries about getting it right.

For right now though, there is no “right.” My suggestion right now is… to practice. Practice feeling it all.

And to swim. Or, at the very least, I would seek out lakes, rivers, oceans, seas, boats, anything nautical. Sea creatures 🙂 I’d eat fish. I’d immerse myself in sand and sea, coasts, freshwater saltwater anything. Even hanging up pictures of blue, green, blue-green. Collect shells. Water spirit, fish-tailed mermaid, go to the beach, smile at the sun, make the waves your home.

Aquarius is the water-bearer, yes, the one BEARS it all. Carries it. Get it? Saturn co-rules Aquarius. Saturn is structure. Saturn carries. Saturn bears. But you, my dear, must BECOME the water (North Node in Pisces). And not just to flow (common Pisces keyword) but to pour! Sweep! Gush! Cascade!

Happy (belated) Birthday, Aqua Girl! 

Love, MP


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