Another Story For Mars In ???

"mars in virgo" "mars in cancer"
what do you hunt?

So today my phone really did die. I was in the middle of a Twitter something or other and then spent the rest of the evening figuring out the new one which I thought I had broken. And then I couldn’t get the SIM card out and even called Customer Service to help me. GET THE SIM CARD OUT.

I hate this shit. I really do. No big deal (in the big or small scheme of things) but it makes me… frantic. Machines. Make me feel frantic. And the new phone really is like a mini-computer and it’s really annoying that one swipe does all this shit you didn’t intend to do. AND it drove me to drink. 

I wanted to tell another Mars story though and remind you that your Mars is what HUNTS and I wanted to ask all of you what or who your Mars is after because my Mars is in Cancer and I hunt food, especially take-out.


I was telling this story on someone’s Facebook yesterday how in the middle of a train transfer (and I wasn’t running late) I remembered this restaurant that I like and how it was nearby and how “wouldn’t it be nice to have vegetables today and I like their vegetables” etc etc etc. Like a freak, like a food freak, like a food-obsessed freakin’ Mars in Cancer freak food food food food food food food food.

So I got off the train and got my vegetables and ate as I walked like a real New Yorker and got on the train and it was delicious and then to make the afternoon complete, I berated myself for spending too much money on food.

What do you hunt? 

Note to self: spend money *only* on the breve latte tomorrow before the gym. In honor of Mars (speed) in Virgo (health) of course. 

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