Another One For The Venus Pluto Opposition: My Mother, Myself

"Venus Opposition Pluto"
Guess which one was the Scorpio??

The 8th House (Scorpio‘s house) has to do with legacies and I got inspired to write more about my mother because Venus is in Cancer (the Moon/the Mother) and my birthday is fast approaching.

My mother the Scorpio: quiet, reserved. I had stayed in touch with some long time friends of hers and once when I went to visit them, deep in the heart of Italian Brooklyn, one of them said to me, “It was just like sitting with Andrea.”

Have I mentioned my Moon Pluto conjunction in the First House 😉 Like mother, like daughter. Fused. Legacy.

Passive” was the word she used to describe my mother/myself, but I think maybe she meant quiet, reserved, absorbing all the energy in the room. Is that passive? I don’t know.

Once I asked my mother if she minded sitting alone at a party or a social function (which I had seen her do). She said no and I guess she was telling the truth but still it surprised me. Wasn’t she lonely? Are Scorpios that regenerative that they don’t mind sitting alone in a crowded room? I admit I don’t mind it that much either.

After her death, my brother gave me some pages he had found, not bound in a book, but diary entries all the same…

She had green eyes, black hair, struggled with her weight, and did not outlive her parents.

Water and water: I think this is why I am always drawn to Scorpio energy, especially in men. Reminds me of her. It is her. And Venus, applying in opposition to Pluto reminded me of my love (Venus) for Scorpio (Pluto) and her.

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