Another One For the Full Moon Eclipse In Scorpio

So you remove one fear, sand it down, out springs another.

Just like in our meditation class. We want a “good” meditation. No thoughts. This is not enlightenment.

How do we know when we’ve reached enlightenment, when we’ve leveled up?

(Short answer: when we keep going back to sit in meditation, no matter how useless it seems..)

But back to the question: how do we know when we’ve reached IT? When all the fear is gone? When that 30 lbs is gone? How much does fear weight? When you can afford to buy a house? When you fall in love for the 50th time? When?

More questions: what are you seeking, what do you want most of all. MOST of all. And what will you do to get it? And how will you NOT fall asleep (because it seems to be taking forever)?

It’s in THAT house. Right there. That point. 5, almost 6 degrees of Scorpio. I know you’re frustrated. So am I. You think a Full Moon Eclipse conjunct Saturn feels good? It doesn’t feel good.

I will be talking about the eclipses as now or never energies non stop. A Full Moon in Scorpio (the first eclipse) is a Full Moon in PLUTO (and Mars) so please stop pretending to be innocent and don’t blame anyone else for where you are now except for God and thus take it up with your Heavenly Father, beg for mercy, and rise again, Scorpio-style, like the phoenix.

That’s my take on it, for the moment 🙂

Love, MP


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