Another Look At The New Moon In Pisces

This afternoon I invented another quick New Moon in Pisces Tarot spread and two of my three cards alarmed me, the kind of alarm where you decide to stop reading for yourself for a day or two 😉

I wrote it down in my Tarot book though — if only to prove to myself that the cards have a range of meanings. I know this is true, I know context matters, but when faced with those images, you pull back.

On Twitter I had been asking Are you comfortable with change? Where do you like to see change? Where do you resist it? 

Yeah, I got the Tower.


The much touted magic of tomorrow’s New Moon in Pisces is lost on me at the moment.

One of the women on my message board reminded me (us) that Saturn in Scorpio retrograde isn’t only my writers’ block (Saturn through my 3rd = writing/thinking) but since Mars co-rules Scorpio, our overall energy, physical too, is being affected now, collectively.

I think the trines to the Pisces planets only make it more sloggy boggy and I’ve been going about it all wrong. I’ve been trying to fight the feeling instead of going with the flow.

I was writing on Facebook that Neptune dissolves, Neptune disappears, plays hide and seek, so when we look at that house in our chart where all the Pisces planets are hanging out, it’s not only about what we hope for and set intentions for, but what we don’t have or no longer have, what didn’t happen, what didn’t work out. The one that got away, the dream deferred (said Langston Hughes). We are reminded of  the loss and the lost. THAT my friends, is Neptune.

So if you aren’t all rah rah Pisces today, don’t feel bad, and if you are counting the moments until Mars enters Aries for the beginning of firey relief and if you have had enough of inertia, self-undoing, self-pity, and mystic pizza moments, then HOLD ON because the wheel shall turn.

Love, MP


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