Another Lesson From Mars Retrograde In Virgo

"mars retrograde in virgo"

I’m thinking of a reading that I did not long ago and she’s got Mars Rx in her… I am trying to remember... ah yes, her descendent is Virgo but I know she’s got a bunch of Virgo in her 6th House and I told her you may be returning to a job you used to have — it may feel like a backtrack, backslide but it’s not, not really… In either case you’ll be back doing something you used to do.

I was right about that (she told me) but I also seem to be going through something similar and the important thing to remember is, again, that it’s not going backwards. It’s not the same as it was before. You’re different now. You command (Mars) differently.

Mars retrograde is a different kind of Mars, ya know? A little confused. A little lopsided. A little… find the house where transiting Mars is for you and you’ll know more.

I’m taking hits in my energy and stamina already (Mars through the 1st). Can’t shake this cold and run-down feeling but I expect things to settle and I’m not even looking at degrees or timing here. Using my third-eye  and I predict… hmm… hmm… hmm… second week of February. Feels like a long ways away… but second week of February something’s gonna stabilize.

My natal Mars is in the 11th and it’s playing out there too. My dream feels a little out of focus. Key is to remember, as always, to work with the energy, not struggle against it. And once Saturn goes retrograde? Oy. Talk about driving with the brakes on BUT…

I am gonna keep the faith (um starting now). Pisces has faith and Virgo opposes Pisces on the wheel thus Virgo Mars retrograde is STARING PISCES IN THE EYE (sounds painful doesn’t it?).


Staring faith in the eye: Virgo is being challenged once again to let go of fear and… unwind all that wire from around Virgo heart, brain, body, spirit, all of it!

And I don’t just mean Virgo Suns or Moons or Risings. We all have Virgo somewhere.


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