Anorexia Moon: More Thoughts On The Taurus Full Moon

What drives you?

Do you think it’s the squares in your chart? Your Nodes? Your Rising Sign? Your Mars? What is it? Can you find it?

Sometimes I wake up and I think: who can I help today and how. This is not good or bad. It’s a natural drive. Neutral.

And sometimes I’m tired. And I go back to bed 🙂 Also, neutral.

I also have a drive towards fitness and strength, but sometimes I like a big bowl of delicious spaghetti 🙂 And the occasional cigarette which makes those jumping jacks harder to do.

The other day, I realized that I’ve been at this since puberty — that’s a long time to push a body.

Questions: Can you forgive your body for betraying you? For getting sick. For getting fat. For getting thin. For getting imperfect yet again. GROWING OLDER. For all its needs. Forgive your body for breaking. For bleeding at the wrong time. Forgive your body for gravity, for too much hair or not enough. For spots and blots and marks oh my! For having nothing in common with the media images. Or maybe you’ve mastered and bested those images and have come up empty anyway.

Taurus (ruled by Sorceress Venus) is always about FILLING UP in some way. Attempting to fill the void. With whatever means “security.” What we HOPE to have (2nd House). Hoarding and the fear of famine. The flip side of this is denial, anorexia. Refusal. Filling up by NOT filling up, in love with control. FULL MOON IN TAURUS ON SUNDAY and I hope it will not be an Anorexia Moon for you. SPOTLIGHT ON WHAT YOU HOARD AND WHAT YOU DENY yourself.

Taurus is a rich and fertile earth sign, Strength in Reserve, and will grow WITH you despite them being “lazy” (as the stereotype goes). Reminds me of the 9 of Wands. You want something done? Ask a Taurus. Once they decide? THEY WILL DO IT.

What drives me? I take pride in my accomplishments. Jumping Jacks. I feel stronger when I do them lately. Back is stronger. Endurance. Keep smoking to a minimum. Maybe one or two a day. No one gave this to me. It was not a gift. It was not a favor. I didn’t TAKE it from anyone. It was not born of someone else’s plan. There was no easy way. Born of effort.

My advice for this weekend (following yesterday’s advice) is to think of something, in your life, that you achieved or became, purely by your own effort and will power.

I feel a sadness around this Full Moon (probably due to Saturn’s influence): please remember and reflect on what a powerful being you are. Taking responsibility for your life and decisions will increase this feeling. Don’t let Saturn slap you in the face. Stand up to Saturn. How you do this is by taking responsibility, a full accounting.

As I’m so fond of asking: what do YOU want?

Love, MP


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