Announcing The Next Class In MoonPlutoLand

"saturn through the 3rd house"It will be a Poetry Workshop. Really.

The first poetry workshop that  I’ll be teaching since… 1997 (or something like that!). I’m going back to my roots 🙂

We’ll talk about the 3rd House too (Gemini’s House, the house of the writer) and analyze the 3rd in your chart, along with your Mercury, and we’ll also be reading and writing poems. And I’ll feature the class’ poems on the blog 🙂

You don’t have to be a poet to be in in this class. It’s for anyone who wants to jumpstart their creative brain and has a love of poetry or the written word in general. I’ll be the Saturn-figure in the class. Teaching and providing structures. There will be homework and definitely various poem-assignments. It’s not a webinar though. I don’t give real-time lectures.

The Creativity Class ends this week and then I’ll take a break (although the message board/private group is on-going) and then late October/early November we’ll begin and definitely finish before Thanksgiving (in the U.S.).

Since I just decided on this idea today, the bones of the thing aren’t set yet, but I *know* this is the next class I want to do.


I was a poet once upon a time, got an M.F.A. once upon a time, but got majorly derailed when my mother died (not long after graduate school) and I left it behind. Became religious. But that’s another story 😉 In my late 30s I started writing plays but my plays have always been poetic. It’s just the way I write and who I am. Some of my happiest memories are of those graduate school years. Not the lousy love affairs 😉 but the coming together to share poems and share our own work.

I’m thinking I’ll only give critique if people want it. You can imagine, with my Virgo Moon that I *love* to critique creative work, but I’ll only do that if asked 🙂

So these are just some stray thoughts about what’s coming up 🙂 And in a week or so I’ll start planning how to structure the class. Saturn transiting through my 3rd: writing goals!

You know the drill: if you think you may be interested in the class, send me an email! moonpluto@gmail

More details to come!


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