Announcing My June Class: the CELTIC CROSS Tarot Spread

"moon conjunct mars"So I started writing that Tarot blog for Beliefnet and getting into Tarot in a slightly different way… got interested in classic Tarot spreads, the more intricate the better, making up my own spreads, generally becoming more obsessed with shapes and patterns… Not saying I don’t love the simple stuff still. I guess I’m expanding my mind. Jupiter on my Mercury by transit, y’all.

Thus I am offering to you my Two Week (a few more days added on if needed) June course on the Celtic Cross! 

Where: in a secret group on Facebook. A drop-in class, the group is open 24-hours so you can come and go. lurk or participate! I do give homework for those who want!

We will explore the Celtic Cross from various perspectives (from my Tarot library): from Arthur Waite, Eden Gray, Mary K. Greer, Rachel Pollack (based not on her books but an actual conversation with her), and my own thoughts on the Celtic Cross as a map of your life…

And you will do your own crosses, traditional, and oh yes I will be asking participants to work creatively with this form and do their unique version of it. How does that work? Well, you’ll have to take the class, won’t you 🙂

I told someone about my class idea and she said: you can actually do a two week class on this? I nodded 🙂

$125 by PayPal.
If you have questions, email me at moonpluto@gmail or find me on Facebook. Aliza Moonplutoastro.

Start date: next Wednesday: June 18th. Generally I take weekends off but since we are starting mid-week, we’ll see where the days off come in…

Love, MP

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