Animals As Empaths (6th House/12th House)

"animal communication"
animal communication

Sometimes you just need to cry. No matter where you are or what’s going on or how ridiculous you seem/look. Maybe it’s a Cancer thing. Cancer can cry anytime anywhere, although they may try to hide it behind dark sunglasses.

Yesterday was one of those days for me. I was holding it in. Not by choice. It was STUCK in and then I was walking a dog and I was done, I was done with my day, and I sat on the couch and… cried. Had to cry. And the dog! WOW!

She felt it and began to try to cheer me up. I mean this dog MOBILIZED. It made her hyper in a way — she was sitting with me on the couch getting all bouncy and licking my face and licking my face and licking my face. And when I was calmer, she calmed down too. Putting her face, her head, on my arm. It was awfully cute and it was as though I instantly became her mission. (This dog is a Cancer too.)

I realize not all animals are empaths but this doggie definitely is.

So animals are different, just like people. Not all people are empaths either. It’s just always remarkable to me the communication that goes on between us and the animals in our lives. How ready they are, how eager they are, to help.

The 6th house is the “small animal” house and the 12th is “large animals.” This is why I love the houses, the way things get divided up so neatly when life isn’t neat at all.

Do your pets take care of you? 

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