And This Blog Post Has Been Brought To You By The Metropolitan Transit Authority

"the deer hunter"
Christopher Walker: Sun in Aries

This post was written this morning while I was on the subway…

Every New Yorker is familiar with these muffled announcements: “train traffic ahead,” or “red signal in front of us,” signifying a wait (hello Saturn) of an indeterminate amount. I can hear other, luckier, trains moving past us, most likely in the opposite direction.

And then comes that belching-sigh sound which means the train is going to lurch forward another few feet until it stops again. Figures that today is the day for such a delay (hello Saturn) as I make my way to a doctor’s appointment Uptown. Can’t complain though: the a/c is working great, I’ve got a seat, and right now my train is moving again 🙂

My progressed Moon is currently at ZERO degrees Aries and it’s no accident that Aries (fast) opposes Libra (balancing). An Aries Moon is emotion on impulse, emotion on speed. Emotion here today and gone tomorrow outburst and then get over it. Aries is cardinal dynamic moving initiating creative energy. Ever seen a lazy Aries? Their Sun must be wickedly afflicted. Aries, as well, is selfish: me, me, me, and me. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. When an Aries type loves you? They are selfish about you too.

Where is YOUR progressed Moon??? I’m glad mine is out of Pisces. And if you ask me why, I’ll tell you exactly why (on another blog post 😉

Still stuck on the train and I overhear one passenger say to another as the train doors finally open at the next stop: “You start your day over right now.” I’ve pegged him as a Sagittarius: a stranger talking to a stranger and the message of optimism, and that little nose of his. Totally open honest face.

This city is full of stories, subway stories and others. I’ve been living here so long now, I don’t even notice them anymore.

“Red signal again. Train’s in front of us. We’ll be moving shortly,” says the conductor. And he means it. Hopes it.

And we will. Move again shortly. But when? 

Yes, I did make it to my appointment and then went into the hot hot day and maybe wound up in someone’s New York story that they’re telling on a blog, right now, in another galaxy far far away 🙂

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