And There Shall Be A New Year And We Shall Call It 2012

"new year's eve"
climb the mountain

Looking back, looking ahead, what was 2011 to you? Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Do you… go out on the town? Do you meditate?

I may meditate this year, at the place where I have my class, but not sure yet. Part of me feels in search of a party. Adventure even. We shall see.

But back to my inquiry: what did you accomplish this year? What remains unfinished? What do you want to do? Or maybe you don’t want to do anything! Maybe you’re resting and will continue to rest. Maybe this was a survival-year for you.

What transits were most outstanding? What will you never forget? 

Some things to look forward to in the New Year (ha!) Mars goes retrograde and so does Saturn: our energy and our discipline. This isn’t to say that everything will fall to pieces but check the houses where you have these planets. Check the aspects to them. We won’t have these two dudes at their full, usual strength. Taking a positive approach: think of it as “buying time,” that you have an idea or two or three, some projects, not quite ready yet, well… moving forward won’t be so straightforward.

But back to my inquiry…

Did you fall in love this year? Did you fall out of love? Did you lose someone? Did you win? How did you move ahead? How did you repeat patterns? Did you set intentions on New Moons? Did you watch your life unfold? Did you make a promise? Did you find a really cool blog that you are addicted to now?


Did you kiss someone. Did you kiss them again.

Damn, I do have love on the brain, don’t I…

Something about this time of year that does it to us… we reflect.

I have notebooks. I have notebooks now. I bought one to keep track of my expenses (a tax thing) and then I got more notebooks to keep client notes and… I’m going to keep track of other stuff too. Mars in Virgo approves of such things, even Mars retrograde in Virgo (and I do tend to write messy in my notebooks).

My point is this: think about your life piece by piece, page by page. What you have, what you want and this is Capricorn Season with our mighty Sun in Capricorn who moves slowly up the mountain (the goat does) so I want you to do the same. Find the leaks, fix the foundation. Find the holes, fix the foundation. Find the links, make connections. Step by step, straighten it out. Like sheets on a bed. And not for perfection but for getting closer to a life that makes sense to you.

So that when this time comes, next year, as we face 2013, you can feel like you really got somewhere. Even if that somewhere is getting out of bed each day and putting one foot in front of the other a little differently than before.

I know what I want. I know what I want so much. I know what I’ve taken  care of this year, what I’ve started. I know how I’m weak still. I know what I don’t understand. And I know I know I know I know I know what I want.

And you? 2012 anyone? 


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