And The Sun Shall Enter Aries This Week Gladdening The Many

How do you put it all together? Everything you are now?

I ask myself this at 43.

I was a poet.
Then a religious girl.
Then a playwright.
And I started studying astrology and never thought I’d read charts. Then I started reading charts. Blogging. Doing Tarot. Never knew I had “psychic” ability until I started telling people stuff and being right (not 100% but fairly often when you consider how many clients I have).

And I was having a conversation today with a new friend, a poet (her website is here) and she used the word INTEGRATION and it made me remember a client who asked me if I did “integration sessions” and I said YES! We Merge. We Fuse. We Blend. This is life. An integration session.

It reminds me of the Temperance card. It reminds me of the CONJUNCTION aspect in astrology:  two planets that are smooshed together and you cannot pull 
you cannot pull
you cannot
pull them


(And the Full Moon in Virgo ON my Moon Pluto conjunction today gave me a second round of PMS for which I am grateful because it made me SILENT and in my silence I felt free.)

More about INTEGRATION:  I love out-of-context sentences. This, from my Mac’s dictionary:

reserve forces will be more closely integrated with the regular forces.

The purpose of this blog post is to remind you of THE SUN. Light. And then there was LIGHT this Thursday April 20th, 2014 as the Sun entered Aries SIGN OF THE RAM the excellent climber.

That the Sun shall enter Aries so a new part of your chart will be LIT UP. Will be ON FIRE. Like the Wands in the Tarot deck. Inspiration. Initiation. Creativity. BEGINNINGS. You must begin again. Start over. (Again? Yes.)

Your homework: to research Aries and research MARS and research the 1st House of the Zodiac wheel and think about how you may want to integrate this SPRING situation into your human condition.

(Yes, my darling. There is more to life than taxes and terror. There is poetry.)

Happy Full Moon in Virgo 

Love, MP

Note to self: finish that book of poems. Two down. Forty to go? What is your SPRING SUN ENTERS ARIES resolution?


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