And The Mini-Readings Continue!

"full moon in aries 2011"
more mini-readings!

Now, if you want, I am still happy to do a Full Moon in Aries Mini-Moon Reading but I also want to mention this: a new Mini-Reading to examine one aspect or transit in your chart which is confusing, confounding, and compelling you!

Are you wondering what the hell Saturn through your 11th could be about? Are you wondering why love is delayed even though you are Libra Rising? Those are just two examples. Doesn’t matter how simple or complex, but one question is best (or one and a half 😉 and one chart only (no synastry).

Rules are same as before: email only, $25 through paypal, 15 minute readings. Scheduling is tight for me today and tomorrow but Thursday I can definitely begin!

If you want more info on how email readings work, email me at moonpluto@gmail and look here for some details about my usual longer readings.

And, as always, Twitter!

Happy Full Moon in Aries!