AND More Thoughts On Oppositions

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In Astrology…
the Opposition aspect brings us energy/events/people – this energy comes at us from OUTSIDE – that we must then integrate, make sense of…
And this can be, of course, super stressful.

We must do our shadow-work, acknowledge that opposing planet’s hijinks in our own psyche and daily dealings.

Also with PLUTO transits, especially to the personal planets, you have to learn to… well, you have to LEARN the energy.


How it feels.

Thinking of that toy, the slinky..

Because too much Pluto and you blow EVERYTHING UP.

So be gentle with your energy, in figuring out the energy because it is foreign to you essentially in THIS particular form. Know what I mean? It’s foreign to you in THIS form even if you are a Pluto person!

So think of your Pluto transit, and this may sound counterintuitive, as something very FRAGILE.

Do you want to blow shit up? Well, it depends. Pick your battles.

BUT you may find yourself blowing shit up that you do not want to because you are like a kid trying to manage, handle CONTROL this intense Pluto.

It’s not about controlling it. Mastery is what must occur. Not of Pluto. That’s impossible. But of your own energy.



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