And More Stray Thoughts: Cancer, Capricorn, And Security

"uranus pluto square"

At the most basic level, Pluto in Capricorn is about security. Personal security. Why personal? Because Capricorn opposes Cancer, the Mother, the one who was responsible for our safety, our security.

She succeeded or failed or fell somewhere in the middle. Our lives are a response to this care or lack of it. Too Freudian for ya? I can’t help it! Or maybe I’m just a Cancer Sun (and Mercury and Mars): it all comes down to Mom but not just Mom herself… it all comes down to… becoming a grown-up and making our OWN security. Leaving fear behind.

I was texting a friend tonight, telling him that I wanted to be free. He asked what I meant. Fear, I said. Feeling limited by my own fear.

Do you live like this? Without fear? 

Pluto is direct now. Uranus is retrograde. But these two will meet again and again and square. Uranus is fast change. Pluto is slow change. What happens when you combine the two in hard aspect? It’s like… bursting forth to… collapse. You know that feeling? You’re in crisis, you go into crisis mode, crisis response, you get it done but it’s not done yet, there’s more, and you fall down as if your entire being is the seed for what comes next but you’re too exhausted to lift your head.  Oy.

This Pluto Uranus square will bring change — to the world you live in, to the world inside you.

…I hope you had a good weekend. I hope you have hot clean water for bathing. I hope your honey is from the best bees in the hive. I hope you too have discovered the ultimate joy of a free Spotify account. I hope Venus in Scorpio is kind to your chart. I hope you are not fighting with the one who loves you most of all.

All these hopeful wishes of mine are brought to you in honor of the sweet Moon in Pisces. Be kind to yourself, fellow stargazers. And if you Occupy nothing else this week, at least Occupy Your Spirit, okay?

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