And Justice For All: Saturn In Libra

"Saturn in libra"
Al Pacino: North Node in Libra

Ever have a conversation with a Libra? If you are getting emotional, upset, they may try to reason you out of it, offer you a another side. If you are getting too intense, they won’t join in, won’t escalate it. They are trying to bring you back into balance, what they perceive as out of balance.

This is one example of the tension inherent in squares. Cancer, a water sign,wants to feel it, whatever it is, and to finish feeling it. And then there’s Aries, who may not even have been listening and changes the subject. Capricorn will listen and then remind you that it’s tough out there for everyone. I know I’m painting with broad strokes but my point is a Saturn point.

Whatever sign Saturn is transiting, we play by that sign’s rules. Saturn is in Libra now so balance (Libra) becomes crucial, relationships (Libra) are under pressure (Saturn). Look in your own chart to see where Saturn in Libra is and it will show you a part of your life out of balance. Your job, during this transit, is to take responsibility, work hard, and solve, or begin to solve, the problem.

Howard Sasportas said that “Saturn is exact and undeviating justice. It rewards you for what you have put in, and it makes you aware of your lack if you have been avoiding something.” How much more so with Saturn in Libra, the scales, the symbol for Justice herself!

There’s still time. There’s still time to figure this out, with Saturn only approaching the mid-degrees of Libra, the best may be yet to come (ha!). Sit down with your chart and your coffee and your donut 🙂 The Sun is still in Cancer so temper your work with a little sweetness. And as the Sun moves from Cancer to Leo, Saturn will gain support from Leo’s fire to help light the way.

I know it’s hard to believe the Universe wants the best for you. One quick glance in my daily paper and I believe nothing at all. But while we’re here, let’s do what we, humans, do best. At least, let’s do what I believe we should do best: reflect and then act accordingly.

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