And In The Wake Of The Harvest Moon, There’s This…

"full moon"Love takes work. Willpower. Balls. Reality. Love takes Saturn. I have Venus square Saturn in my natal chart. Saturn rules my 5th House. Love IS work.

As soon as I start feeling Neptune? That’s when I know I’ve got a problem. Because something’s not real.

I don’t read other astrology blogs but surely Saturn entering Scorpio next week is the topic du jour.

What do you think it means? What do I think it means?

I think it will be the choice you could not make during Saturn in Libra, for whatever reason.

The choice to end or  begin or stay where you are.

Even though the 7th House pertains to marriage and contracts, we all know you can have a contract with no deep feeling included.

Scorpio is that deep feeling. Saturn in this sign can make you afraid of those feelings.

And it can make you unshakeable, going the distance, willing, surrendering (high vibration of Pluto) to the places that shock and awe you. Love can do that. Real love. Venus Saturn love 🙂

What’s your theory?



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