And Hello To You Too New Moon In Gemini

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It’s time to talk about the NEW MOON IN GEMINI.

7 degrees Gemini. May 28th. According to my book the New Moon is at 2:40 pm in the Big City. Times vary of course according to your location.

The Moon will:

sextile Venus
square Neptune
trine Mars
quincunx Pluto

And you know what? I’m feeling generous. I’m going to call it a Yod. Perhaps no one else would. Too wide in degree. But I’m prepared to give a Saturn Pluto sextile here and the New Moon (and Sun) in Gemini as apex. A particularly important New Moon for you if you have planets around 7 degrees Gemini or Sagittarius.

It’s a really interesting couple of days actually: Venus enters Taurus. The next day, Mercury enters Cancer. Starting to feel like summer around here, even though it’s been cool and rainy.

And I’m sitting here wondering what the hell you want. I don’t think you know. Not in Gemini Season. It’s the time to sort though options. Or feel scattered by them. Today was talking to a friend and the phrase “loose ends” came up. Feeling at loose ends. Something about Gemini “leaving it open” rather than making a firm plan. Gemini is not a fixed sign. It keeps changing right before your eyes.  The squares to Neptune only emphasize this.

Is this you? A little older, a little more confused?  

Love, MP

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