Analyze This: Mars In Virgo!

"mars in virgo 2011"
mars in virgo 2011

Virgo is depicted as the Virgin, with the harvest around her, wheat. And what does one do with wheat? No! Not eat it! Well, yes, you eat it but before you eat it, you analyze it!  Separate wheat from chaff, remember? The chaff?

Virgo is the worker. Virgo gets it done. Virgo gets obsessed with details. So with Mars in Virgo, direct,  you become a solider of separation, a colonel of classification, an army of analysis!

With Mars retrograde in Virgo, as I see it, you don’t lose track or lose time on your precious projects and plans BUT… the focus goes inwards. It’s like you must enter Pisces for Mars retrograde. Like having Mars visit the 12th House. You enter dreamtime Mars and psychic space which is different than full-speed-ahead-fast-car Mars.

Mars in Virgo retrograde will focus on healing and magic and intention and the herb garden and the feminine and yin. You are still sorting but you are sorting and singing la-la-la. Healing self vs. healing and helping something larger than you.

Also, Virgos are refined and crave order in their lives so think of Mars retrograde in Virgo as your inner refinement — which qualities serve you and which should be discarded.

And whether Mars is direct or Mars is retrograde, Mars in Virgo is a spiritual superhero servant Mars.  What will you do with this energy? This is Fix the World energy, one person at a time. One CELL at a time.

And you know what? I’m writing a lot about Mars in Virgo 2011 and, of course, like a proper Virgo Moon conjunct Pluto, I’m not satisfied so the posts shall continue 🙂

What is obsessing YOU this Scorpio Season? 

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