An Isaac Bashevis Singer Christmas Eve Story

"new moon in capricorn 2011"
new moon in capricorn 2011

Sometimes I wonder what my mother’s unfinished story is. I talk to her all the time lately. Sometimes out loud. Not remembering that I’m in public. She was a Scorpio, not a Capricorn (and this is Capricorn Season) but I’m starting this blog post with her because she’s on my mind, because I caught myself doing it again today: “Oh Mommy, what would you think of all this?”

Isaac Bashevis Singer was also not a Capricorn, and also a Scorpio, like my mother. But he had Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn rules Capricorn, is at home there.

I hope you are enjoying your Christmas Eve. I was working at my other job this morning and then went to the hospital to visit a friend and I was griping and groaning to myself the whole time, before I got there: how long it would take, the subways on the weekend so slow, all the work ahead of me this evening, etc. Cranky Cancer Sun.

But all my trains were right there waiting for me. And I was happy to see my friend. She had just been sedated though… was too agitated (according to the nurse) and trying to pull out her tubes, etc. But when I stood there and said her name, her eyes opened wide.

I moved the hair off her forehead, stroked her arm, told her to relax, and eventually decided it was better for me to go. She needed her rest. Will try again a different day. She’s an Aquarius, by the way.

As I was leaving, I asked some folks for the stairwell (I hate elevators) and an older man with a white beard, like an angel out of an Isaac Bashevis Singer story, a hasid, told me he was also taking the stairs and knew the way. We talked on the way down and it turns out we know some of the same people. It was funny. It was nice. A little bit of Brooklyn magic on a cold and sunny Christmas Eve.

Also, once I saw my friend, once I got to the hospital, I had stopped my inner griping and groaning. She’s going to be fine, I thought to myself. I felt that. No matter the outcome, no darkness in that room. None at all.

I hope you set your New Moon in Capricorn intentions and that you are having a peaceful evening whatever you are doing, alone or with family and friends. You are where you’re supposed to be. Does it sound funny to hear that? Do you disagree? Then set your intentions.


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