An Excerpt From This Week’s Planetary Round-Up

"mars in virgo 2011"
Spock already ordered his Planetary Round-Up

So I just finished editing the Planetary Round-Up for the coming week, my new feature on the blog.

I wound up dividing it into sections:  highlights, important aspects, how to work with the energy, this week’s visualization, this week’s ritual, tips for nurturing, and a thought for the week (like an affirmation but more than one phrase).

If you want to order this week’s Planetary Round-Up, look here for more details (it costs 5 bucks). And although I like the one I just did, I’ve got a Virgo Moon so I know I will want to make it better and better 🙂

Here is an excerpt:

…Nevertheless, I think it would be appropriate to perform a ritual welcoming this preview of Sagittarian energy, which includes the food, colors, smells, and social life of Yule. Even though the beginning of cooler temps (where I live) may make you feel like hibernating, write yourself a mental note that now you spend part of your time in the depths of Scorpio and part of your time in the freedom and adventure of Sagittarius, even if  it’s just a nod, a glance, towards the Archer.  It’s like a crack in the teacup. A beautiful imperfection 😉 …

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