Almost Cancer Season: The Moon & The Womb

Physical integrity. Healing. Self-nurturing.

These are phrases from Marigold. She commented on the blog today that some of my writing about mothers or mothering (or my own mother) had affected her and honestly I couldn’t remember the last time I had written on these topics so I asked her for a topic and she brought us those words.

I’m not entirely sure what she meant by “physical integrity” but I like the phrase 🙂

Maybe she meant: knowing the difference between her and you i.e. you are  your mother’s daughter (or son) but you are not your mother.

And I was sitting here thinking hmm hmm hmm how to zoom in and then I remembered Mercury is in Cancer. Venus is in Cancer. The Sun entering Cancer later this month, Mercury going retrograde later this month, and how we spend our whole lives in dialogue with our mothers whether they are near or far, whether they hurt us or loved us or both.

My Moon is conjunct Pluto in my birth chart, thus the name of this blog. First House. And well-aspected (as I’m so fond of saying), sextiled all around the chart (with a trine to Saturn).

I am not my mother but everywhere I turn, there she is, despite her not having walked this earth for… damn. How many years? She died before my Saturn Return and no one is “ready” for their mother to die but we were radically close despite the hard years. And despite the hard years we had made a lot of peace and I was planning to go home for Pesach that year, the year she died. I hadn’t been “home” in a while. If only I knew how easy it was to make her happy. But there were years (at least 2) when I couldn’t bear to speak to her. The past was so heavy. My traumas were her fault. Etcetera, etcetera etcetera.

So here we are *almost* in the Season of the Mother, the Moon, the Womb and Mercury going retrograde in this sign means… it’s time to think about this stuff once again 🙂

Have you learned to self-soothe? Have you learned to stop crying? Have you learned to cook for yourself? To clean yourself? Just like baby kittens learn 🙂 These are metaphors and these are real.

How do you express Moon energy in the world? Who and how do you mother? 

Love, MP


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