All My Angels Are Animals: North Node In The 6th House

"north node in pisces"I love that people are writing to me, wanting to hear about their North Node. I love love love working with the Nodes and I can’t even tell you why I got so attached to them but attached to them I am 🙂 Perhaps because I recognized the truth of them in my own life.

And how you begin to work with the Nodes is this: note the sign, the house, the aspects, the ruling planet. See what’s there. Notice how it interacts with everything in the chart. For example, is your North Node harmonious with your personal planets?

Now I’m a wide orb kind of gal. He’s an example. Let’s say your North Node is in Libra and you have a slew of planets in Capricorn but none of them square that North Node by degree. Well, I still count the energy. There’s still something of Capricorn (commanding demeanor perhaps? lol) that challenges your manifestation of that Libra. I find that orbs that are too small tend to place fences around the truth of your experience. Try it with your own chart and see.

And this is just one example of how I approach the Nodes.

Last night I was listening to Doreen Virtue, a video on youtube. I love her videos. They calm me down! And if you know Virtue’s work at all then you know she is all about the angels and I thought to myself: all my angels are animals. When I seek out “angels” for guidance or support, they don’t come to me as winged creatures like in all the old paintings or in current oracle card decks. And they are usually dogs, sometimes dogs I’ve known or worked with.

My North Node is in the 6th House (conjunct the 7th House cusp but clearly in the 6th) which is associated with pets and “small” animals, so this is a sign to me, a message, that my North  Node is speaking to me. Come here! Move forward! Away from the solitude of the 12th! You are part of the animal kingdom!

And the South Node isn’t something we need to simply disregard or throw away. There is work to be done. We must master South Node qualities and habits while reaching across to the other side.

Are you obsessed with the Nodes too?

Love, MP

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